Handling seafood

Handling frozen seafood

Following the proper procedure in handling our superb, individually quick frozen Cuban lobster tails is essential to avoid blackening, a condition know as melanosis, and mushy meat. This is caused by an enzyme, not bacteria as many people think, and is not harmful to the consumer. It does, however, result in an unattractive presentation which reduces customer satisfaction.

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The Caribex Seafoods commitment to quality in all our services requires a high degree of organizational development.

Every link in the chain from the depths of the sea to the consumer is of vital importance in assuring our standard of quality. We work very closely with our suppliers, who apply the best and most modern industrial practices with rigorous quality controls, like the HACCP, that meets the most exigent quality standards.

From the time the seafood is taken from Caribbean waters we make sure it reaches the customer in its freshest and most luscious form. Every step of the way, skilled and experienced personnel are on hand to ensure the final product delivered to the customer is of the highest quality. We ensure the quality all chain long, with modern processing plants, advanced storage, high technology refrigerated trucks, the required inspections and even more.

Seafood buyers recognize that farm-raised shrimp is as good as the wild product in many instances. The farmers' ability to freeze shrimp on-site within hours of harvest locks in freshness. This create tremendous marketing opportunities for a premium quality product.

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